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The United Puerto Rican Council Board of Directors has worked earnestly and passionately to celebrate our great history and assure that Passaic and the State of New Jersey continue to recognize the contributions that Puerto Ricans are making to this wonderfully diverse state. With your support, our community grows closer and stronger each day. The Council is a place where old friends meet to tell great stories, establish new friendships, and share special moments with their families. Because of our organization's tireless work, our children and youth understand and appreciate our rich culture and traditions and have Puerto Rican role models to guide them to successfully plan for their future. Through our events, we build a better place where they can shine like the bright stars they are. Our commitment to our children's education is now greater than ever, for it is the only way that we can pass on the special legacy that our ancestors left for them through the great sacrifices that they made both in Puerto Rico, the City of Passaic and wherever their lives took them.

As we have said in the past 30 years, our members subscribe to the motto that "Together we become stronger", and that is why it is so important for us to always work together.

Once again,

Thank you